Live Pee Free!® Carpet Machine Odor Eliminator 2X
Live Pee Free!® Carpet Machine Odor Eliminator 2X
Extra Strength 2x. Used for carpet spot treatment or with a home carpet cleaning machine to eliminate strong set-in pet urine odors. Good for multiple pets.

Live Pee Free!® Carpet Machine Odor Eliminator 2X

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Best Use: Strong Set-In Urine Odors. Multiple Pets, Or Use in Home Carpet Cleaning Machine/System
64 oz. or 1 Gallon

Live Pee Free!® means completely eliminating the odor of pet urine from carpet, carpet padding, and area rugs.

Live Pee Free!®  Carpet Odor Eliminator 2x contains billions of positive Ions that totally offset the negative ions contained in pet urine. It naturally eliminates odors on contact without enzymes, surfactants or fragrances.

> Liquid Positive Ion™ Odor Technology Cancels Out Negative Ion Odors On Contact

DIRECTIONS: SPOT TREATMENT: For strong set-in urine odors. First, soak up as much of the urine as possible. Next, apply the Live Pee Free!® Carpet Odor Eliminator on the affected area until the odor is completely eliminated. When finished, you can safely let area air-dry.

DIRECTIONS: CARPET MACHINE: Use at a 50/50 dilution with water. Fill system water reservoir halfway with Live Pee Free!® Carpet Odor Eliminator & the rest of the way with water.

IMPORTANT: Two separate applications are necessary if you previously used stain and odor products containing enzymes, vinegar, cleaners or bleach. One to remove the old product and a second to effectively eliminate the odor.

TIP: Instantly eliminates urine odor upon full contact. Results are easily detected due to no added fragrance.

TIPS: For deep set-in urine odors, use generously to completely saturate area ensuring full contact with the source of the odor. It is safe to use as a concentrate without dilution.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Liquid Positive Ion™ Odor Technology, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.

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