Our Incontinence collection is designed for incontinence problems for those that are sick, elderly or disabled. This collection was inspired by our dear friend, who has been in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic for almost 40 years. So we created a discrete product to eliminate embarrassing personal odor for those in need.

The Incontinence products are ideal for bedding, wheelchairs, furniture, and walkers. Our products are safe to use on any surface or fabric.


  1. Remove any product that has been applied before with water and a cloth.  For example, a cleaning product, bleach, vinegar or others.  
  2. Spray the affected area with our incontinence product.
  3. Reapply if there is still some odor. You will be able to smell when the odor is gone. There is no fragrance to confuse your nose. 
  4. Clean the area if needed. If there are stains that need to be removed then use your normal cleaning & stain remover. 
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