Pets - Live Pee Free!®

We have spent the last three years talking to tens of thousands of customers at state fairs, trade shows, and local events.  As a result, we constantly get requests from happy clients, and we’re listening! Our chemists are busy in our labs and our product line continues to grow every week! Check out our collections to see what you, the customer, asked us to solve.

Our Pet collection of  Live Odor Free!™ and Live Pee Free!® products solve all the smelly situations animal lovers find themselves in. To date, we’ve created solutions for pet urine, cat litter, carpet cleaning, pet bedding, skunk spray, and your dog’s coat. Every pet owner needs Live Odor Free!™ products, whether you’re potty training a puppy, dealing with a skunked dog, cleaning the litter box, or caring for an elderly pet.


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