Live Odor Free!® Carpet Machine Kit - 64 oz.


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Live Odor Free® Carpet Machine Kit

Carpet can be easy, moderate, or hard to remove pet urine. It depends on the depth of the urine and the length of time it has been there.

Carpet Product Guidelines:

Odor Type

Odor Problem

Product Recommendations



All Liquid Products (16 oz., 64 oz. or Gallon) - Great for Spots.

Live Odor Free!® Carpet Machine Kit - Used for Areas

Shallow Depth
New Urine Spots



All Liquid Products (16 oz., 64 oz. or Gallon) - Great for Spots

Live Odor Free!® Carpet Machine Kit Used for Areas

Medium Depth

Not Very Old Urine Spot(s)

(Carpet, Padding)


Liquid Products (64 oz. or Gallon) - Great for Spots

Live Odor Free!® Carpet Machine Kit Used for Areas


Old Urine Spot(s)

(Padding & Sub-Flooring)

Tough - Severe

Live Odor Free!® 3-Step Kit for Tough Odors

 Patented Noble Ion® Odor Technology - You won't find it anywhere else!

Best Use:  

  • Carpet Machine Kit for areas.  Carpet, rugs & tile.
  • Maintenance. Mild Odor to Moderate Odor
  • Shallow depth, new urine spots, or medium depth, not very old urine spot.
  • Not deeply penetrated urine soiled areas. (carpet padding, sub-flooring, porous cement, or tile grout.
  • May be previously treated with other products that failed to solve the problem.

Type: Dog or Cat

Odor Problem: Maintenance, Mild, Moderate (Tough odors we recommend a 3 Step Kit for Tough Odors).

Odor Type: Shallow depth, new urine spot(s). Medium depth, not very old urine spot.


  • 5' x 5' area = 1 - 16 oz. Carpet Crud Remover & 1- 64 oz. Carpet Machine Kit
  • 10’ x 10’ area = 1 - 16 oz. Carpet Crud Remover & 1- Gallon - 128 oz. Carpet Machine Kit

Surfaces: Carpet, rugs, and tile.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Noble Ion® Odor Technology, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.

INSTRUCTIONS: 3-Step Process

Equipment Required: Use either an inexpensive home carpet cleaning machine or a shop vac machine.  We prefer the home carpet cleaning machine since it distributes the water and sucks up the dirty water in the same machine. In comparison, a shop vac requires two steps. Suction is key to a good result. 

Step 1 - DILUTE: Pour 2 ounces of Noble Ion® Live Odor Free! Carpet Crud Remover into carpet machine tank. Fill the rest of the tank with clear water. DO NOT use other commercial cleaners or soaps.

 Step 2 - Clean Carpet With Carpet Machine: Clean carpet with Noble Ion® Live Odor Free! Carpet Crud Remover. When complete, smell the wastewater. If the wastewater smells like pet urine or looks like soapy brown water, empty the dirty water and repeat Step 1 and Step 2. Repeat the process until the wastewater is clear and does not have a urine smell.

 Step 3: Pour Live Odor Free!® 2X Carpet Machine into the reservoir and go over the affected areas. Let dry. Use the entire amount of product. Rinse the carpet machine reservoir with water after using the product.

Odor bloom is common with porous surfaces like cement, carpet padding, and sub-flooring.  Odor bloom is a chemical process where dried urine crystals are rehydrated and bring up a pungent smell. It tells you the removal process is incomplete. Odor bloom occurs most with deep, old, set-in urine spots. Odor bloom is unlikely to happen with new, surface urine spots.

Odor Bloom: If you experience odor bloom you will need to choose one of our 3 Step Kits for Tough Odors

QUESTIONS? Talk to one of our odor technicians.  

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