Live Odor Free!™ Carpet Odor Eliminator
Live Odor Free!™ Carpet Odor Eliminator
Live Odor Free!™ Carpet Odor Eliminator is formulated to eliminate organic odors from carpeting using your home carpet cleaning system or machine. This formulation works well on pet odors, food spills, vomit, bodily fluids or other organic odors

Live Odor Free!™ Carpet Odor Eliminator

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Best Use: Strong Set-In Urine Odors. Multiple Pets, Or Use in Home Carpet Cleaning Machine/System
64 oz. or  1 Gallon

Live Odor Free!® means completely eliminating the odor of pet urine from carpet, carpet padding, and area rugs.

Live Odor Free!®  Carpet Odor Eliminator 2x contains billions of positive Ions that totally offset the negative ions contained in pet urine. It naturally eliminates odors on contact without enzymes, surfactants or fragrances.

> Liquid Positive Ion™ Odor Technology Cancels Out Negative Ion Odors On Contact

DIRECTIONS: SPOT TREATMENT: For strong set-in urine odors. First, soak up as much of the urine as possible. Next, apply the Live Odor Free!® Carpet Odor Eliminator on the affected area until the odor is completely eliminated. When finished, you can safely let area air-dry.

DIRECTIONS: CARPET MACHINE: Use at a 50/50 dilution with water. Fill system water reservoir halfway with Live Odor Free!® Carpet Odor Eliminator & the rest of the way with water.

IMPORTANT: Two separate applications are necessary if you previously used stain and odor products containing enzymes, vinegar, cleaners or bleach. One to remove the old product and a second to effectively eliminate the odor.

TIP: Instantly eliminates urine odor upon full contact. Results are easily detected due to no added fragrance.

TIPS: For deep set-in urine odors, use generously to completely saturate area ensuring full contact with the source of the odor. It is safe to use as a concentrate without dilution.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Liquid Positive Ion™ Odor Technology, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.