Live Odor Free!® Cat Litter 2X & Cat Urine 2X w/Cowboy Sprayer - 16 oz. + 2 - 64 oz. - Cat Combo


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Live Odor Free!® Cat Combo 2X Litter + 2X Urine with Cowboy Sprayer

Noble Ion Live Odor Free!® eliminates stubborn odors caused by pet urine and other organic odors. Works without enzymes or fragrances. It eliminates odor with billions of positive (+) ions that eliminate the negative (-) ions contained in foul-smelling odors. A plus (+) and a minus (-) = zero odor.

Best Use:  

  • Used for cat litter box, litter box room, and surrounding areas.
  • Used for cat urine accidents on carpet, rugs, tile, wood flooring, or laminate.
  • Maintenance. Mild Odor to Moderate Odor.
  • Shallow depth, new urine spots to medium depth, not very old urine spot.

Type: Cat 

Odor Problem: Maintenance. Mild to moderate.

Odor Type:  Shallow depth, new urine spots to medium depth, not very old urine spot.


  • 16 oz. = 1’ x 1’ Area or 1 square foot. - Maintenance to Mild
  • 64 oz. = 2’ x 2’ Area of 4 square feet. - Mild to Moderate
  • Gallon = 5’ x 5’ Area or 25 square feet. - Moderate 

Surfaces: Cat litter, litter box, carpet, rugs, tile, wood flooring, or laminate. See our Pet Urine Kit for couches, chairs, mattresses, and other padded furniture.


  • 1 Cat Litter Odor Eliminator 2X - 16 oz. 
  • 1 Cat Litter Odor Eliminator 2X - 64 oz.
  • 1 Cat Urine Odor Eliminator 2X - 64 oz. including a Cowboy Sprayer. 

Other Surfaces: Will also work on fabrics. 

Tools Required: None. 


  • Other Cleaners: If you have previously treated a urine spot with other products such as soaps, vinegar, enzyme, oxy cleaners, etc., it will take more Live Odor Free!® ("LOF") products to solve your pet urine problem.
  • Safe: LOF products are safe for kids and pets, and we use FDA GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients, and the products are 3rd party lab tested.
  • Black Lights: Black lights illuminate the minerals in urine crystals, and they DO NOT ILLUMINATE ODOR.Once LOF has eliminated the odor, there may be residual minerals that the black light will show in the carpet.
  • Odor Bloom: After your first application, the dried urine crystals may give off an intense smell called "odor bloom," which will usually disappear with further applications.
  • Painted or Sealed Surfaces: If you have a concrete area that has been painted or sealed, it will take multiple applications because the paint or sealant will prevent the products from reaching the depth of the problem; or direct contact with the urine crystals harboring the odor. It will only resolve the odor as it leeches out. So you are left with the option of removing the paint or sealant and then treating the area for a more permanent solution or performing regular maintenance for some time to slowly remove the leeching odor. Call our customer service for questions on this issue. 366.7723.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Noble Ion® Odor Technology, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.


CAT LITTER BOX: Daily, spray a few feet above the cat litter box without saturating the litter. Also spray mats, containers, floors, or any surface that comes in contact with cat urine or feces. Let air dry; wipe excess if necessary.

CAT LITTER ROOM: Daily, spray a mist high in the air around the entire room. Eliminates the strong ammonia smells in the entire cat litter box room. Repeat daily until the odor is completely gone. 

MAINTENANCE: If you want a hassle-free method of keeping odor in check, you may want to try our 24/7 Automatic Mini-Odor Eliminator Wall Unit.

CAT URINE: Spray or pour on the affected area. The product must make contact with the urine. For old or stubborn odors, reapply if necessary, until the odor is gone. Let air dry or wipe up excess.

TIP #1 Other Product: It may take several applications if you previously used cleaning products in the area.

TIP #2 Depth of Urine: For medium depth urine spots, saturate the area as deep as the urine has soaked in.

TIP #3 Odor Bloom: After your first application, the dried urine crystals may give off an intense smell called "odor bloom" which will disappear with further applications. If you are unable to remove the odor bloom with additional applications then you may need a Pet Urine Kit to solve the deep, old urine spot.

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