New! Positive Ion Odor Technology

100% Eliminates Odor
On Contact.

No enzymes, fragrances, or detergents. Safe for kids & pets.

Live Pee Free!® Odor Eliminator for Pets

Live Pee Free!® contains billions of positive (+) ions that eliminate the foul smelling negative (-) ions contained in pet urine. A plus (+) and a minus (-) = zero smells. Naturally eliminates odors on contact without enzymes, fragrances or detergents. fragrances.

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Packages for Dogs & Cats
1/2 Gallons or Gallons bundled with 16 oz spray bottles.
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Everyday Deals
The Cat Combo
The cat combo specials include bundled packages of cat litter products & cat urine products. This package takes care of the daily litter box odors and the outside of the box problems such as rugs, carpets & furniture.
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