Satisfaction Guarantee & Return Policy

Get Rid of Pet Urine Odor:  Customers come to Live Odor Free!® (LOF) because they "absolutely, positively, want to get rid of their pet urine odor, NOT just cover it up with perfume.

LOF works by being absorbed into the soaked in urine crystals. And, when it does, it turns the urine into water and carbon dioxide: no more urine, no more odor.

Size and Type of Problem: Our products are designed to address the size and type of urine problem.

For dog urine, a 2x2 Spot Kit for small urine spots, a 5x5 Area Kit for area rugs, and a 10x10 Room Kit for a room.

For cat litter and urine, a 24/7 Mini Sprayer for litter room odor, and a Cat Combo for out-of-litter box accidents.

Did you order enough products? Be sure to order enough products to match your urine problem's size, age, and volume. Ten (10) gallons of accumulated dog urine in the same carpet spot for five years will require more than a 16 oz bottle of LOF.

How do you know LOF is working?

When you first apply the LOF liquid, you should get a smelly release of urine odor as the urine absorbs the LOF. We call this an "Odor Bloom." The bloom means the LOF is working, and repeat the process until the Odor Bloom is gone.

Don't panic - Odor bloom is a good indicator of a high volume problem. Using granules in our kits is designed for high-volume situations. When you apply the granules, they will soak up and capture the urine and the Odor Bloom. The rule of thumb is to repeat the process in the 3 Step Kits until the Odor Bloom is gone.

Troubleshooting: Please feel free to call one of our technicians if you have questions at any point during the process (214-366-7723).

Custom Solutions: Sometimes, a customer will have a unique or different odor problem that needs solving. Don't hesitate to contact our Odor Specialists to resolve your issue with a custom solution.



Unused Product

  • Request a return shipping label within 14 days.
  • Please return the unused, unopened product in its original box and packaging.
  • A 50% restocking fee applies, plus shipping and handling charges.

Partially Used Product or Fully Used Product

  • Open a Trouble Ticket. Contact customer service at 214.366.7723 or email to troubleshoot or resolve the lingering odor issue within 14 days of purchase.
  • Touch-Up Solution. Our goal is to solve your odor problem, so allow our team to create a touch-up solution for you. Our customer service team can create touch-up solutions at no charge, but we ask that the customer pay shipping and handling charges.
  • After speaking with customer service and you do not wish to opt for a touch-up solution, then customer service will issue a partial refund based upon your case.


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