Live Odor Free!® Furniture Kit


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Live Odor Free!® Furniture Kit - DISCONTINUED

Replacement Recommendations: 

2x2 Pet Urine Area Kit (4 square feet)
5X5 Pet Urine Area Kit (25 square feet)

Spray. Sprinkle. Sniff. Repeat.

Noble Ion Live Odor Free!® eliminates stubborn odors caused by pet urine and other organic odors. Works without enzymes or fragrances. It eliminates odor with billions of positive (+) ions that eliminate the negative (-) ions contained in foul-smelling odors. A plus (+) and a minus (-) = zero odor.

Patented Noble Ion® Odor Technology - You won't find it anywhere else!

Best Use:  

  • Used for couches, chairs, mattresses, and other furniture.
  • Moderate to Tough Odor. Old urine-soiled areas were never cleaned.
  • Deeply penetrated urine-soiled areas. (furniture with padding)
  • Old and/or deeply penetrated urine-soiled areas previously treated with other products that failed to solve the problem. 

Type: Dog or Cat

Odor Problem: Moderate to Tough

Odor Type: Medium depth, not very old urine spots. Deep, old urine spots.

    Coverage: Up to a standard 8' couch or king-size mattress.

    Surfaces: Furniture fabric with padding. Safe for leather, but test a small area first.

    Other Surfaces: n/a


    • 1 – Gallon Bottle of Odor Eliminator Liquid with Cowboy Sprayer– Step 1
    • 1 – 16 oz Shaker of Odor Block Granules – Step 2
    • 1 – 16 oz Shaker of Instant Knock Out Powder – Step 3

    Tools Required: Home vacuum cleaner.

    Ingredients: Purified Water, Noble Ion® Odor Technology, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.

    INSTRUCTIONS:  3-Step Process

     STEP 1 - SPRAY: Spray or pour contents of Odor Eliminator Liquid bottle on the affected area. The liquid must soak down and make contact with the urine.

    • Wait:10 minutes for the liquid to soak into the surface. 
    • Odor Bloom: After Step 1, the dried urine crystals trapped in the carpet or cement may give off an intense smell called "odor bloom," which will disappear once you have completed Steps 2 and 3. If it stinks it is working. 

     STEP 2 - SPRINKLE: Sprinkle Odor Block Granules on the affected area. Cover all of the affected areas. Make sure you leave some granules for an additional touch-up or spot application if needed later. 

    • Sprinkle: Apply Odor Block Granules while the surface area is still wet or moist.
    • Wait 10-15 minutes for the Odor Block Granules to activate.
    • Yellow Spots: You should see yellow patches emerge where there are urine spots. 
    • Don't Remove the Granules:  Leave the odor block granules on the surface.

    Black Lights: If you are using a black light, be aware that black lights illuminate the urine crystals embedded in the surface. Black lights show crystals they DO NOT SHOW ODOR.  It is common to have remaining urine crystal salts and no odor.

    The yellow spots that emerge after using Live Odor Free!® Odor Block Granules show you exactly where you have embedded crystals and urine odor.

    STEP 3 - SPRAY, SPRINKLE & SNIFF: Spray Odor Eliminator Liquid on the Odor Block Granules where the yellow patches emerged. While moist or wet, sprinkle Instant Knock Out Powder on the yellow patches over the top of the Odor Block Granules.  Apply this to all the yellow areas.  Sniff to see if the odor is gone.  If not, repeat spray and sprinkle until the odor is gone. 

    • Spray Odor Eliminator Liquid over the Odor Block Granules where there are yellow spots.  
    • Sprinkle Instant Knockout Powder on the yellow spots while the Odor Block Granules are moist or wet.
    • Sniff to see if the odor is gone from each area.  Tip: Leave the room for a few minutes and re-enter the room with a fresh nose for odor.
    • Repeat: You can reactivate the Odor Block Granules multiple times by spraying them again with the Odor Eliminator Liquid in case you missed any areas or can't determine the exact location of the odor. Then spot treat while the Odor Block Granules are moist or wet, another application of Instant Knock Out Powder. Spray, Sprinkle, Sniff - until the odor is gone. Tip: Leave yourself some liquid, granules, and powder after your initial job is complete for touch-ups. 
    • Vacuum, sweep, or scrape the Odor Block Granules and Instant Knock Out powder when dry. 

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