Live Odor Free!® Patio and Garage - KIT
Live Odor Free!® Patio and Garage - KIT
Live Odor Free!® Patio and Garage - KIT
Live Odor Free!® Patio and Garage - KIT

Live Odor Free!® Patio and Garage - KIT


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Live Odor Free®Patio, Garage, Basement 2-Step Kit 

Cement is the hardest material to remove pet urine because it is so porous. The good news is there are options. 


Here are the (2) options: 

Option 1, follow the steps, which require equipment and several water applications. 

Odor bloom is common with porous surfaces like cement.  Odor bloom is a chemical process where dried urine crystals are rehydrated and bring up a pungent smell. It tells you the removal process is incomplete.  Odor bloom occurs most with deep, old, set-in urine spots. 

Odor bloom is unlikely to happen with new, surface urine spots. But depending on the volume of urine and how long it has been in the concrete, odor bloom will occur.

Option 2 - 3 Step Kits - Best Option, choose one of our Live Odor Free!® 3 Step Kits, which requires no water and only a home vacuum. Any of the 3 Step Kits completely eliminates the risk of odor bloom.  We recommend this option for the best results.

Best Use:

  • Used for cement areas with pet urine – patio, garage, basement, cement.
  • Moderate odor. For tough odors use a 3 Step Kit.
  • Medium depth, not very old urine spot(s).

Type: Dog or Cat

Odor Problem: Moderate (Tough odors we recommend a 3 Step Kit).

Odor Type: Medium depth, not very old urine spot.


  • 2’ x 2’ area = 64 oz.
  • 5' x 5' area = 1 Gallon or 2 – 64 oz.
  • 10’ x 10’ area = 2 Gallons

Surfaces: Cement

Ingredients: Purified Water, Noble Ion® Odor Technology, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.





Best Use:  

  • To eliminate pet urine odor from cement.
  • To eliminate pet urine odor from outdoor turf.


Works On: Cement, grass, or outdoor turf (dog turf runs).

Coverage: Cement is the most difficult surface for pet urine odor removal.  Cement is very porous allowing the urine to soak deep into the cement. When the soaked in urine dries, it forms urine crystal which traps the odor deep in the concrete until the foul smell is released by moisture. Since LOF liquid must make contact with the soaked in urine to be effective, it may take multiple applications to totally eliminate the deep-seated urine odor. Just repeat the steps until the odor is gone. 


  • 1 – 1 Gallon of Odor Eliminator Liquid – (with cowboy sprayer)
  • 1 – 16 oz Shaker of Instant Knock Out Powder.


  • DID YOU ORDER ENOUGH PRODUCTS? Be sure to order enough products to match your urine problem's size, age, and volume. Ten (10) gallons of accumulated dog urine in the same area for five years may require more than a gallon and a better option is a 3 Step Kit. Check with customer service for larger kits that better solve the problem.
  • OTHER CLEANERS: If you have previously treated a urine spot with other products such as soaps, vinegar, enzyme, oxy cleaners, etc., it will take more Live Odor Free!® ("LOF") products to solve your pet urine problem.
  • PAINTED OR SEALED SURFACES: If you have a concrete area that has been painted or sealed, it will take multiple applications because the paint or sealant will prevent the products from reaching the depth of the problem; or direct contact with the urine crystals harboring the odor. It will only resolve the odor as it leeches out. So you are left with the option of removing the paint or sealant and then treating the area for a more permanent solution or performing regular maintenance for some time to slowly remove the leeching odor. Call our customer service for questions on this issue. 214.366.7723.
  • ODOR BLOOM: After your first application, the dried urine crystals may give off an intense smell called "odor bloom," which will usually disappear with further applications. This is normal.
  • SAFE: LOF products are safe for kids and pets, and we use FDA GRAS (generally regarded as safe) ingredients, and the products are 3rd party lab tested.
  • BLACK LIGHTS: Black lights illuminate the minerals in urine crystals, and they DO NOT ILLUMINATE ODOR. Once LOF has eliminated the odor, there may be residual minerals that the black light will show in the concrete or turf.


Ingredients: Purified Water, Noble Ion® Odor Technology, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract


STEPS 1-2-3 


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will use much less LOF Liquid if you do the water and vacuum pre-treatment before Steps #1 - #3.

Pre-Treating Old Urine Spots on Concrete: Use either an inexpensive home carpet cleaning machine or a shop vac machine to soak the concrete with plain water before applying LOF Liquid.  We prefer the home carpet cleaning machine since it distributes the water and sucks up the dirty water in the same machine. In comparison, a shop vac requires two steps. Suction is key to a good result. 

 Use Warm Water Only:  Equipment Requirements

  • Carpet Machine:  If you use a home carpet machine, fill the tank with warm water. Do not use soap or other chemicals - plain warm water only. Go over the area multiple times. The water will go from smelly and yellow to no noticeable smell and clearer as you pass over the area each time. Repeat this process as necessary until you get odorless and clear water in the fill tank.  Yes, you can use your carpet machine on cement. 
  • Shop-Vac:  Here, you will need to saturate the area with warm water and suck up the excess with the shop vac. Go over the area multiple times.  The water will go from smelly and yellow to no noticeable smell and clearer as you pass over the area each time. Repeat this process as necessary until you get odorless and clear water in the fill tank. 
  • Let the surface air-dry overnight.

Applying Live Odor Free:

STEP 1 - Spray or Pour. Spray or pour LOF Odor Eliminator Liquid on the affected spot. When urine dries, it forms dry urine crystals, so the LOF liquid needs to soak deep below the surface and contact the urine and the dry urine crystals for maximum effect.

  • Wait Time - Liquid: Wait for the liquid to soak deep below the surface. Wait 10-30 minutes on synthetic outdoor turf, and 2-4 hours for concrete.
  • Odor Bloom: When the LOF liquid makes contact with the dried urine crystals trapped in the turf or cement, you may get an intense smell called "odor bloom."
  • Don't Panic - It's working. The odor bloom means the LOF liquid has made contact with the urine crystals and is bringing the odor to the surface to be treated and eliminated in STEPS #2 and #3.


STEP 2 – SPRINKLE POWDER: Sprinkle LOF Instant Knockout Powder on the urine spot. Lightly cover all the affected areas. Make sure you leave some powder for a second application or a touch-up. 

  • Sprinkle Powder: Apply Instant Knockout Powder while the surface area is still moist. If it has dried out, spray more liquid before applying powder.
  • Wait Time - Powder: Allow enough time for the powder to absorb the urine and odor that is coming up from deep under the surface. For a relatively new urine spot, allow about 1 hour. It is best to let the powder sit overnight for an old, deep urine spot.
  • Yellow Spots: You may see some of the powder turn yellow, the color of the urine they are soaking up. The location of the yellow patches tells you exactly where you have a concentration of urine crystals and urine odor.  


STEP 3 - SPRAY & SNIFF: Spray LOF Odor Eliminator Liquid on the Instant Knockout Powder where the yellow patches emerged.

  • Spray Liquid: Focus on yellow spots and spray LOF Odor Eliminator Liquid over the Instant Knockout Powder that has turned yellow.  Get the powder somewhat moist but not wet.
  • Air Dry: Wait until the powder is dry, then vacuum or sweep up all the powder.
  • Sniff: Now smell to see if the odor is gone. 
    • Smell Tip: Your nose has a memory. After smelling urine, it may continue to smell urine even where there is none. The solution is to refresh the nose by leaving the room for a few minutes before testing the smell.
  • Still, Smells? If the odor is not entirely gone to your satisfaction, repeat STEPS #1- #3 until the odor is gone. Focus on the yellow spots. Any remaining odor only means the LOF liquid did not penetrate deep enough to touch the urine and absorb all the urine crystals.
  • Repeat STEPS #1 - #3:
    • Let the spot or area dry.
    • Once the odor is completely gone, then vacuum or sweep up the powder.
  • Trouble Shooting: Call our customer service team at 214.366.7723. We are here to solve your pet odor problems.