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We Safely and Effectively Eliminate Odors

Over the past seven years, we have worked in our Texas based lab to develop a line of pet and home products that work to eliminate organic odors.

Our scientists have uncovered a new form of technology that doesn’t use enzymes, cover-ups or odor-trapping methods; instead, we’ve discovered a way to eliminate the odor at its source. A science all pet owners may not understand, but can definitely appreciate!

Enzymes stop working, masks only mix a sweet smell with the foul one and odor-trappers only work for 7-10 days. Our proprietary Noble Ion® with Liquid Positive Ion Odor Technology completely eliminates the odor because it eliminates its source - so you know it will never return.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We don’t mess up very often – but when we do, we’ll own it and make it right. We learn from the experience, so it does not happen again. While we continue to grow, we make sure our clients never pay the price for our mix-ups. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to everyone!

We Are Growing

Not only are our products amazing, but so is our team! We have fun working and we love learning. Our folks enjoy what they do, and are proud of the services they provide – and it shows in our people, processes, and performance.

Our Collection is Growing Too!

All of our products came from customer requests. We did not make up our product lines in a small conference room with gurus who have never talked to a real customer. 

We have spent the last three years talking to tens of thousands of customers at state fairs, trade shows, and local events.  As a result, we constantly get requests from happy clients, and we’re listening! Our chemists are busy in our labs and our product line continues to grow every week! Check out our collections to see what you, the customer, asked us to solve.

 Our Pet collection of  Live Odor Free!™ and Live Pee Free!® products solve all the smelly situations animal lovers find themselves in. To date, we’ve created solutions for pet urine, cat litter, carpet cleaning, pet bedding, skunk spray, and your dog’s coat. Every pet owner needs Live Odor Free!™ products, whether you’re potty training a puppy, dealing with a skunked dog, cleaning the litter box, or caring for an elderly pet.

 Our Live Odor Free!™ Home collection eliminates common household odors you often find when you’re cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. Try it in the refrigerator, garbage disposal, dishwasher, kitchen trash and after cooking that glorious exotic recipe that is still evident in your kitchen three days later.  

The Live Odor Free!™ Auto/RV collection helps keep your vehicles smelling fresh.  Our products work great on coffee and food spills, baby accidents and pet odors.  And if you are picking up the soccer or hockey team in your car, we have you covered.

The Sports collection by Live Odor Free!™ is specifically formulated for sports fabrics, sports bags, and gear.  It is ideal for soccer, volleyball, and hockey gear which we hear from our customers tends to be very "odiferous" - and not in a good way!  Go ahead, spray your uniforms, shoes, bags, and gear.  

Our Caregiver collection is designed for incontinence problems for those that are sick, elderly or disabled. This collection was inspired by our dear friend, who has been in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic for almost 40 years. So we created a discrete product to eliminate embarrassing personal odor for those in need.   

From puppies to cats and garlic to gym clothes and folks in need, you’ll discover new ways to use our products every day! 


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