Reviews - Customers Love It!

Odor Elimination Demonstration – Showing It Works

We met Stacy at the State Fair of Texas and she gave us a demonstration! Thank you, Stacy! We have used the odor eliminator and it really works! - Pawed

No Fragrances

I bought 6 bottles last year and they kept my home smell free all year. I bought some more this year and saw the new product for carpets and tried that too! Such a tremendous product! I highly recommend these products to anyone who wants to clean smells without the annoying overlay of floral or other fragrances. - D Meifert

It Really Works!

It Really Works! - Marie

Skeptical But A True Believer Now

Hi! I first encountered your product, the Dog Urine Odor Eliminator, at the last Phoenix Home and Garden show. I was skeptical at first but desperate to try anything new. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! Your product not only prevented my pet from marking but also removed a strong odor that I was once using candles to hide. I wanted to know if you had any plans to make this product available locally. Thanks.  P Anderson

Went Back and Bought More

This stuff is great, bought some at Minnesota State Fair, worked so good that I went back and bought more. - Marl

The Other Guys Don’t Get Rid of the Odor

We've been using this for months and no other product gets rid of pet smells better.  - PPrints

Potty Training 

It's still unbelievable.  We are potty training our Daughter and oh my when the accidents happen there wasn't much we could do. scrubbing, soaping, steaming. the smell was still there. I was skeptical about the product at first but when I used it the pee smell is just gone.  Wow.. Wow.. thank you.  - Lwilkinson

 Potty Training Big Boys

I bought your dog urine eliminator day 2 of the MN State Fair and went home and tried it, what convinced me was when I asked about the pee smell in the bathroom at home my 3 boys ages 15,12, and 7 years use. Ick! I went home and first tried it on an old pee spot from my dog, I followed the directions and the smell was gone!!! I was so excited I ran around the house and also used it on the boys' bathroom!! What a difference! If anything can help that horrible problem. Yes, please!! Then as you suggested, I cleaned the area as normal! I returned to the MN State Fair yesterday to buy a 2nd bottle and promised this testimony! It really does work and I'm very supportive of your product! Thanks again! -  Mom M

Sammie Da Cat

Hi, I'm Sammie Da Cat I'm a Lynx Point Siamese cat Male 4 years old. I spray but I spray o puppy pads sometimes I miss but thanks to your products I never get yelled at spanked! I do have a Pee Pee box I sit in when I spray but it's only for 3 minutes. I'm a very Happy cat when most people have given up on me I'm loved by great parents that give lots of love and treats! The litter box spray works wonders also! Thank you for all your GREAT products! Sincerely Sammie Da Cat.  - Sammie Da Cat

Cat Litter Odor Eliminator

We purchased the Cat Litter Odor Eliminator at the Minnesota State Fair. It worked so well, we had to go back to the Fair and buy more. Great stuff! - Melissa

Cat Litter Odor Eliminator - No 'cat odor' in my apartment

In the past, I have used several other products to maintain an odor-free area around my cat's litter box. This is a marvel! It keeps the litter and surrounding area absolutely odor-free. When others come to visit, they are amazed that there is absolutely no 'cat odor' in my apartment. I am amazed as well. This stuff is Only the Best! - Ed

Baby Throw-Up and Cat Litter

Some product feedback...I first purchased your product at the Minnesota State Fair in August...I purchased the odor neutralizer and the cat litter neutralizer.  Soon after, my 13 month-old grandson threw up on our upholstered dining room chair.  Most of it was milk and had a very sour smell.  After cleaning it up, we used the odor neutralizer on the chair.  We never noticed any odor afterward.  Also, I followed your directions on cleaning our cat litter boxes, spraying them with the neutralizer and air drying, then adding litter and spraying some over the top of the litter.  Now, I don't smell anything when going in the litter box area.  I'm so pleased with this product and will definitely order more in the future. - Pat

Spray Problem

Ok, I have a Spray problem, However, this product saved me and my family! I'm a 3/4 lynx Point Siamese rescue cat. My home now has No pet smells in it at all! All natural, clean smelling,easy to use products top of the line at a fraction of the cost! I tried them all costing me hundreds of dollars to cover up the odors and this product is by far the best PAWS Down. Thank you. FaceBook ,Twitter,Instagram,Vine,YouTube,Snapchat. - bobcat

Animal Rescue Greyhounds

Just want to say this product is fantastic!  We rescued two greyhounds a couple of years ago.  One has accidents headed out the back door sometimes, therefore our game room has frequent cleaning requirements.  I've tried everything and this is the first product that gives us confidence we're getting a clean carpet (without professional service).  I use the product that goes into my steam cleaner.  I SEE what comes up through the machine (yuck) and now have a fresh smelling carpet.    Thanks.  You now have a loyal customer! - Angie

It Really Works! Elderly Pets and Marking

We have three elderly dachshunds, including a 17+-year-old female that will NOT wear a diaper...but needs to. The 15-year-old male began "marking " her mistakes. We needed something for carpet and bedding odor. Came across this product at (naturally) the annual Wiener Dog Races in Buda, Texas and bought a small bottle to give it a try. It really works and works almost instantly. I am ordering another bottle today. - anonymous

Dog Urine Odor Eliminator

Hello! I found you guys at the San Diego County fair this year and absolutely love your product! I purchased 3 bottles of the dog urine odor eliminator and I will be buying more! - Maryanne

Vinegar Doesn’t Work, But This Stuff Does – So I Am Hitting The Road In My RV With My Cat.

I had a cat who was sick and peeing in the corner of a room. She has since passed away. I tried vinegar to get rid of the odor, but the humidity in MN gets pretty bad and the odor remained. I work at the MN State Fair every year. This year I came across the vendor booth. I explained to the two wonderful guys working there our issue and to add to the problem, we are trying to sell our home. These two men at the booth said if it doesn't work they would refund my money. I went home and treated the spot two nights in a row. On day two of the treatment, we had a private viewing of our home. There were no smells at all, not even the litter boxes. Our life has changed. We plan on going on the road and living in our RV with our cats. This product will help sell my home and will remain in our new home on wheels as we travel the U.S. with our beautiful cats!!!! Thank you so much for this product!!! I have told everyone I know. One of my co-workers at the fair even bought some on the last day as they also wil be traveling with their cats as well. Thank you again, and God bless you all!!! - Pam


 Sprayed the Walls – Product is Guaranteed

My Bichon had been sick and peed in wired cage.  He must have hiked his leg sprayed wall and somehow got under cage.  The room started to smell and we found what it was.  We used vinegar, and shampooed it.  I had used the 16 oz bottle we got at Ft Worth Stock Show, but nothing worked.  My husband was having hip surgery & I knew I had to get the smell out someway and wrote to customer service for HELP!  I ordered a gallon for the large area rug 43" x 34", wall & drip down edge the of carpet.  I asked for more help I had to get smell out.  The next day the company had sent me another gallon free. They do guarantee their product.  After using the 2nd gallon letting it dry, the smell was gone.  When my husband got home after therapy from surgery the smell was gone!  I can't thank you enough and apologize for taking so long to write this review. - Brenda

Best Customer Service on the Planet

We have a rescue cat that just doesn't seem to get the living indoors means always using the litter box concept.  After spending a small fortune on stuff that doesn't work, this is all we will be using.  The best part is there's no nasty odor left in the house after you use it.  And it seriously works!!!  Plus, they have probably the best customer service on the planet. - M Skuravy

Leather Couch

One or more of our aging pets marked our less than 2-year-old leather sectional sofa and floor-rug.  We tried another product on the floor-rug but it just spread the issue wider.  We sent the rug out for cleaning, but were left unsure how to address the sofa.  We do have a replacement warranty to fall back on but dreaded the potential hassle and would the replacement match - as leather processing can vary.  We remembered buying the product from the rodeo this past spring and after reading the bottle again, felt it was worth trying.  The test spray didn't alter the leather coloring - so we started the treatment.  It took multiple attempts of lightly spraying over the effective area.  However, after each application we noticed a reduction of odor.  When it was all said and done we used the full 16 oz. and probably sprayed the affected area a 7-10 times, which I'm sure was more than necessary but I wanted self-assurance that our sofa was fully guest and family accommodating.  With this success we have bought more to have on hand for accidents may happen again.  I’m glad we took a chance at trying this product! - Angela

Pet Bedding

I have three dogs and three cats.  The youngest of my dogs has frequent accidents, especially at night when he's sleeping.  Every morning I pull out his wet bedding and spray his kennel.  By the time I put his linens in the wash and go back to the bedroom, the smell of urine is GONE!!  I use it every day in the cats litter box as well, OMGawsh what a difference!  My friends always said they couldn't tell I had cats until they saw them but I was always self conscious about the box smell.  Well I'm not anymore!  What an AMAZING product!  I have spent thousands (literally) of dollars on other products in stores, online, infomericals you name it... NONE of them work like this.  I'm a customer for life and SO happy to see the Cat formula in a 64oz container!!  Thank you for a truly amazing product!  I just referred a friend of mine to your site for the skunk formula as her dog has been sprayed 3 times in the last few weeks and nothing she is trying works.  I hope she has amazing results as well!! - Chelle