Live Odor Free!™ - Sports
Live Odor Free!™ - Sports
Live Odor Free!™ - Sports
Live Odor Free!™ - Sports
Live Odor Free!™ - Sports
Naturally eliminates odors from sports fabric, uniforms, bags, shoes, equipment and yoga pants. Works on any surface or material.

Live Odor Free!™ - Sports

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Best Use: Sports fabrics, sports bags, and gear.  Ideal for soccer, volleyball, and hockey. 
Individual Size: 16 oz. 
Refill Sizes:  64 oz and 1 Gallon

The Sports collection by Live Odor Free!™ is specifically formulated for sports fabrics, sports bags, and gear.  It is ideal for soccer, volleyball, and hockey gear which we hear from our customers tends to be very "odiferous" - and not in a good way!  Go ahead, spray your uniforms, shoes, bags, and gear. 

Live Odor Free!™ Sports Odor Eliminator contains billions of positive (+) ions that totally offset the negative (-) ions contained in offensive odors. Naturally eliminates odors from sports fabric, uniforms, bags, shoes, and equipment. 

Noble Ion® Odor Technology Eliminates Negative (-) Ion Odors On Contact

DIRECTIONS: Spray on the fabric until the odor is gone.  Then wash.  

Gym bags, spray down the bag generously. If the bag can be washed in the machine - wash it. Otherwise air dry is fine. 

On hard surfaces, spray and wait until odor is eliminated before wiping.

Airborne odors, spray a light mist high in the air until the odor is gone.

IMPORTANT: Two separate applications are necessary if you previously used stain and odor products containing enzymes, vinegar, cleaners or bleach. One to remove the old product and a second to effectively eliminate the odor.

TIP: Odor elimination is instant upon full contact and easily detected due to no added fragrance.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Noble Ion® Odor Technology, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.