Cement/concrete is the hardest material to remove pet urine or any odor since it is so porous. The good news is there is a remedy.

You have two options.

Option 1, follow the instruction steps which requires equipment and several water application steps. Odor bloom is common with porous surfaces. Odor bloom is a chemical process where dried urine crystals are rehydrated and bring up a pungent smell. It tells you the removal process is only half done.  Odor bloom occurs most with deep, old, set-in urine spots and is likely to occur with cement. Odor bloom is unlikely to occur with new, surface urine spots. If you have deep, old, set-in urine spots you should choose a kit for the best results.

Option 2, choose one of our 3 Step Kits which requires no water and only a home vacuum. Any of the 3 Step Kits completely eliminates the risk of odor bloom.


    • Liquid Products:  5' x 5' Area = 1 Gallon   10' x 10' Area = 2 Gallons
    • Kits: 2' x 2', 5' x 5', and 10' x 10' - choose a kit by size of area.

    INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Noble Ion® Odor Technology, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Pectin Extract.

    QUESTIONS? Contact our odor technicians.

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